Monday, March 19, 2007

The Fatherland

This is Castle Neuschwanstein, the castle that was supposedly used as the model for the Disneyland Castle. Riiiiiiight.
This picture was taken in Dachau, Germany, a short walk from the Dachau concentration camp. Incidentally, we did much more than point at signs. More pictures soon.


At 19/3/07 10:09 AM, Blogger Brian said...

Welcome back.

At 19/3/07 11:49 AM, Blogger Brian said...

Feeding of the ducks is forbidden!

At 19/3/07 4:04 PM, Blogger Tracy said...

Is that what it says?

At 21/3/07 1:40 PM, Blogger Brian said...

Why can I not see the duck picture anymore?


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