Sunday, March 04, 2007

hot topic

Here is an excerpt from an article by BCC's own Barb Thomas. Barb is the mother of three public-schooled kids and decided to write about her experience in this very hot topic. Very good stuff.

"...I heard comment after comment from Christian brothers and sisters, all shooting arrows at each other and their choice of schooling. Surprisingly, I even heard parents begin making negative comments about those choosing the same method they had because they were doing it differently! One homeschool mom told me she was often tempted to verbalize that children who had been homeschooled “all the way through from K through 12th” - like hers - were somehow more righteous than those who had attended public or private schools for a few years. She judged other homeschoolers based on the curriculum they chose, and how well their children behaved at public functions. Another confessed to me that she had been tempted to feel disappointment whenever her homeschool friends decided to enroll their children in a public or private school. It was like they were running a race, she said, and they “didn’t quite make it across the finish line…they quit and gave up too soon.” A Christian school mom admitted she felt like homeschoolers were “missing the best education they could have received,” and a public school single mom shared with me that she struggled with being defensive and judgmental with her words because of the hurtful comments made to her regarding her choices. More recently, a mom let me know that she knew a few people who secretly desired to see public school children like mine ‘fail.’ When I incredulously asked why, she said, “Your kids all went through a public high school, you all stayed incredibly close as a family, and your kids love the Lord and are honoring Him……They weren’t supposed to turn out that way!”

Church, what has happened to us?! When has relying on formulas - instead of relying wholly on the Lord – ever glorified Him?"

Read the rest of the article here


At 4/3/07 4:53 PM, Blogger Tracy said...

Say, those are some great observations. I will have to go and read the whole article. Thanks for pointing it out.

At 7/3/07 4:29 PM, Blogger Brian said...

Some people view it as a hot topic.


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